This is a list of members of the American Guild of Organists–Milwaukee Chapter who have indicated availability to serve as substitute organists, and who have been recommended by active members and/or who have successfully completed a basic service playing audition.  To be added to this list, or if you have questions or comments, please contact the substitute coordinator, Ingrid Pierson, at or 414.704.0329.

The chapter makes no recommendations beyond basic competency.  Many of these individuals are also experienced accompanists, choir directors, pianists, bell directors, arrangers, etc.  Specific experience, familiarity with particular worship formats, additional skills, multiple duties, or availability can best be determined by contacting the individuals directly.
Appropriate fees should be negotiated directly with the individual, including the possibility of additional compensation for extended travel, requests requiring extraordinary preparation, or other additional time demands. 
* Indicates not ordinarily available for Sunday morning services.

** Indicates availability for weekday services and services on the 5th Sundays. 

*** Indicates availability for early Sunday morning and weekday services



 Vogt, CAGO 262.742.3368
 Seboldt 414.397.3130 
 Mary    Seboldt 414.766.0442
 McWilliam 414.807.2021
 Hoeller 414.412.9138
 Jonathan    Esser, SPC 262.212.3274

 Robert    Danner, CAGO 262.470.9860
 Dominic 414.403.7883
 Beaumont 414.276.0499
 David    Bahrke 414.232.6717
 Elizabeth  Walloch* 414.425.6577
   Traas, CAGO 
 Larry    Roou*, CAGO 414.371.1121
 Nicholas     Renkosik* 331.276.4477
Tabitha    Moldenhauer*, SPC 708-804-0300
 Sheri    Masiakowski*, DMA 414.403.1046
 Michael    Jacklin* 773.301.0366

 Michael    Hoerig*, SPC 414.630.8994
 Susan    DeMarco* 713.446-1430
 David    Bohn* 414.327.7859
 Michael    Batcho* 414.339-.905
 Larry   Wheelock** 414.617.2535
 Heide    Hongsermeier** 262.744.3292
 Craig    Bodoh*** 414.449.5020








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