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I am trying to help my mom sell her organ and I am wondering if you or a member of your AGO Chapter might know anyone interested in it.  Info is as follows:

SL300 by Ahlborn-Galanti 3 manual organ with full AGO pedal board.  This makes a great home/practice organ.  Purchased new in 1996 and well maintained/mint condition.  More information available upon request.  Located in SE Wisconsin.  Buyer to haul.  $8999. OBO  Call 309-255-1214 or email

Thanks for your help!


Robin Briney, Managing Broker

Key Realtors

124 S. Lafayette Street

Macomb, IL 61455

309-837-6464 (Office)

309-837-6463 (Fax) (Office Email) (Email) (Website)

For Sale: Liturgy and hymnody texts

A church music geek's dream! Offered up for sale are a variety of books, concerning hymnody, liturgy, and church music nuts and bolts. Some are old, some are new, some are antiques. All are for sale. Everything is *negotiable

Prayer and Liturgy Books
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A few may be wondering why these are up for sale, and why at these prices. Simple: I am uncluttering my life; and I am not, have not been, nor ever will be, Erik Routley, J. S. Bach, Virgil, Biggs, or even Wheelock (got to face facts someday). Look on the bright side: When I turn back into the light, I'll probably be calling you to buy back my books, and you can probably sell most of these to me or someone else at a profit. Any way you look at it, my loss is your gain!
*Negotiate, or buy the whole list for $75.00!
Watch these ads for Hymnals and other neat stuff to come.
Gene Traas 414.218.4723 (cell), or e-mail


I am trying to help my uncle find a home for his wife's organ. It was purchased in 2008 new and it was only used a few times due to his wife becoming very ill right after they made the purchase. It is a beautiful cherry wood. They purchased it for $79995.00 and we are looking for offers as he knows he will never use it and it is in mint condition and needs a new home that will enjoy it! He also has 100's of music sheets to go with it.

I found your connection through our local school and church music director here in Whitewater, WI. If u know of anyone or any church that might have interest please feel free to pass this info on to them. I can be reached at 262.903.1364.

Thank you

Janet Hollingshead

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N.B. -- I know this photo is up-side-down. The original is not and it is not on my computer and I have re-uploaded it twice and some bug in the program seems to insist on it being upside down. If you click the image to enlarge it opens correctly. I cannot explain this. I suggest you download and look at it on your computer where you can flip it if necessary.


Pipe Organ availability

I am in a position to broker the following  consisting largely of several vintage organs:
1] a symphonic instrument from an academic institution
2] an ecclesiastical organ of 1920s and 1970s pipework from a now- defunct religious institution
3] additionally stock pipes of high qulaity plus new pipe fill in the missing elements for a gran american symphonic organ with american classic elements for a magnificent ensemble of great power, dignity, authority and endless color and nuance
4] a complete pipe organ to suite ANY budget as LOW as $79,865 for TEN pre-owned unit ranks: 1 diapason; 3 strings, 3 flutes;3 reeds
5] solid-state console upgrades; tonal revisions/additions; finest voicng service in the USA available;

All manual chests to be new
Off-set chests to be pre-owned or new
An elegant vintage console with restored ivory keys and knobs and a new pedalboard with all new console solid-state controls

All this plus on-site tonal finishing by expert flue and reed voicers to assure a custom fit

Write for more info:

S. Bournias
Warren Ohio

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