Sept. 25-27 - “Music that Makes Community”

  • 25 Sep 2014
  • 27 Sep 2014
  • Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago

The Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago to host a “Music that Makes Community” workshop September 25-27. 1100 East 55th St., Chicago, IL 60615

"Music that Makes Community” is a two and a half day workshop for clergy, musicians, cantors, lay leaders, and anyone wanting to learn how to teach and lead assembly song without books, screens, or paper. This ancient/new way of singing is fast becoming another important tool for worship leaders to use in bridging the divide between “traditional/contemporary” in a culture increasingly unfamiliar with communal singing. Skilled leaders from around the country will introduce the practices and techniques then coach participants in learning together by doing. 

Register by August 25th for discounted prices:
$150 for individuals
$125 per person – groups of 2
$110 per person – groups of 3+
$25 for students
Go to  and click on the “MMC in Chicago” tab to register or learn more.

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