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June 2019 - 

Student Organist Contests

The Wisconsin chapter members in the early 1940’s were visionaries! Not only were they focused on the present needs of church musicians but also the future.

From their vision came the Student Organist Contests  

The first Student Audition and Program was held in 1946.

There were eight (8) students who registered, but only four (4) students competed.

From the February 2, 1946 meeting minutes

“The Dean announced that the four students who appeared for the Student Auditions would be presented by the Chapter on February 17th in a program at St. Mark’s Church.”

By 1948 a Scholarship of $25.00 was awarded the winner.

In 1961 the Scholarship was increased to $100.00 to be divided among the three winners.  1st place, $50.00, 2nd place, $30.00 and 3rd place $20.00.

These student winners were considered qualified to be recommended by the Secretary as substitute organists.



March 28, 2019

Chapter history -- 1946!

Wisconsin Chapter hosts their first convention

-- Midwestern Regional Convention—

June 24 and 25, 1946 in Milwaukee

Two days filled with recitals, lectures, services of Vespers and fellowship

--Six (6) States where represented at this convention

--Thirty Chapters participated in this inaugural convention

---Six (6) organ recitals were performed with recitalists of Sr. M. Theophane,  Wilbur Held, Dean of Minnesota Chapter,  Dr. Emory, L. Gallup, Dean of Illinois Chapter and

Dr. D. Deane Hutchison, Dean of  Peoria Illinois Chapter

--Two (2) Lecture/Demonstration offered—Choir Problems—Gregorian chant

Keynote Dinner Speaker--Mr. Jack T. Wilson, Chief Physicist, Allis Chalmers Manufacturing Company addressed “Some Physical Aspects of Formal Counterpoint,” illustrated this with a series of slides showing sound and Bach’s Great G minor Fugue. 

Travel to each event was planned with ease

--by walking or

--by taking the trolley, fare 10 cents; taxi fare from downtown 35 cents

March 14, 2019 -

May 5, 1919 Founding of the Wisconsin Chapter

of the American Guild of Organists

Charter of the Wisconsin Chapter

Charles Mills, Founder

May 4, 1920 First meeting of the new Chapter; election of first officers

*Members performed at respective churches

*They cultivated professional connections

Follow the link to our history written by Alice Leisman: Our History

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